Welcome to White Rabbit Heli Tours

In June of 2007, I decided to leave the relative safety of a regular salary, stop climbing the corporate ladder, and become a helicopter pilot. I’d been researching helicopters for several years and finally decided I didn’t want to be 50 wishing I’d been a helicopter pilot at 30. So I gave two months notice, moved back to my hometown of Spokane, Washington, and started flight school.
Now, ten years later, I’m the owner of White Rabbit Heli Tours. A lot has happened from the time I quit my job to now. This blog is where I’ll share the stories from those ten years and what I’m up to now with the business. I’ll share my first-hand experiences about learning to fly helicopters, the path I took paying my dues in the aviation world, and now the ups and downs (pun intended) of owning a helicopter business. I look forward to sharing with you and taking you into the world of White Rabbit Heli Tours.