No Seattle Trip

In my last blog post I told you about a planned trip to Seattle in the R44 with my instructor.  Unfortunately we canceled that trip due to crappy weather near the Cascade Mountains. They flew some parts over via UPS and had the work done in Spokane. I was bummed, but there will be other opportunities.

View of the Runway

More Pattern Work

We stayed at the airport today (SFF) and stuck with the loop: takeoff, crosswind, downwind, base, final, hover on the numbers.

It was cold and windy. Maximum winds were 23 mph. Cold is great since it means good engine performance and usually smooth air. When you only have a few hours in the helicopter, wind sucks!! Everything changes. I hate wind, I hate it so much.

Like yesterday, I took off from a hover using slight forward cyclic. I’m supposed to pull back when the airspeed indicator says ~45 knots. There were a few times when gusty winds made the helicopter just slingshot into the air at about 30 knots. It’s a little freaky if you’re not expecting it. My instructor just yawned, channeled Yoda, and made sure I didn’t panic. I did, however, do better at keeping my attitude and speed after taking off. No more Magic Mountain.

We only practiced hovering for about five minutes today. The strong winds made it very difficult for me and my instructor didn’t want me getting too frustrated.

A Message From The Locals

I need to start carrying my camera with me every day. There’s a high school about 1/4 mile east of the airport. We fly right over it on the crosswind leg of our pattern. It snowed a couple of days ago. In a grand display of our youth’s ability to organize and communicate as a group, the students spelled “EAT ME” in huge letters on the football field.

Who said America’s Youth has no future? It was pretty funny. Something I would have done in high school.

Total Hours To Date: 5.3
Total Training Cost To Date: $1987.50
Total Books, Supplies, and Tuition To Date: $2109.48

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