Woo hooo… I hovered today!!! I don’t have the Jedi-like finesse that my instructor does, but I had very little movement and kept us pointed down the runway centerline for about three minutes. All with no help from my instructor. I’m finally figuring out how small the cyclic movements need to be while trying to hover.

I also finally managed to do an approach all by myself. It took me a few warm up runs through the pattern to get it. I had the approach path down, no problem. My problem was still at the bottom of the approach right before I get to the runway. I still wasn’t pulling enough collective and/or adding enough left pedal to compensate for the extra torque. Finally, after the fourth pattern, I did it!! I won’t call it pretty, but I DID get the machine into a relatively stable hover over the runway with zero input from my instructor. It’s a small victory, but feels damn good.

Another 1.2 on the books.

I Can Hover!!

Total Hours To Date: 8.9
Total Training Cost To Date: $3337.50
Total Books, Supplies, and Tuition To Date: $2109.48

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